Line drawing of Ffynnon Clun, a Pembrokeshire longhouse
 Ffynnon Clûn Goodwick Pembrokeshire SA64 0HP  +44 [0]1348 875234  +44 [0]79 7475 3661
WEATHER is different.
Don’t rely on the forecast for
central England, or even south
Wales. It’s often wrong.
Our climate is milder, sunnier
and windier than most of
southern Britain. And coastal
weather can change rapidly in
the course of one day.
So what weather can you expect
on your holiday? Here are three
useful tips:
Our weather arrives early:
Most of Britain’s weather arrives
from the Atlantic. It reaches
Pembrokeshire long before it
reaches London. If rain is
forecast tomorrow in London, it’s already raining here. If sunshine is due the day
after tomorrow, then tomorrow will be sunny in Pembrokeshire. So for the weather
two days ahead in Pembrokeshire, look three days ahead for southern England.
The forecasts for Leinster and Munster in south-east Ireland can be a good guide for
Pembrokeshire 12-18 hours later.
Easterlies are good news in the west: Sometimes Britain’s weather reverses
and comes from the east. Then England’s North Sea coast can be swept by wind
and sleet, while the Pembrokeshire coast is dry, calm and sunny. A nice tip for winter
Guaranteed! Ten extra hours of evening light every month: Ffynnon Clûn is
exactly 5 degrees west of Greenwich**. Every day of the year, the sun sets 20
minutes later than in London. So whatever the weather, every evening you have 20
extra minutes of daylight to enjoy. You won’t notice the delayed dawn - you’re on
** (If you like geographic oddities, we’ll show you the spot down the hill where 5
degrees west crosses 52 degrees north. Apparently it’s called a confluence, and
there are people who hunt them. You can read all about it here.)